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Are you a fan of modular GC?

Team TFS
Team TFS

Have the capability to quickly swap injectors or detectors on your GC may seem an action you really don't need to do in your daily job. But what if something goes wrong in your chromatogram? How much time you spend in troubleshooting before the problem is fixed? .. and how much time is spent to ri-qualify the system?

If you are lucky enough to work with a modular GC share with us your Module Changing 2.pngexperience!


Involved Contributor II
Involved Contributor II

I am a big fan of the modular GC injectors. We have two Thermo GCs where one of our injectors was causing us some issues that we could not solve. Wee switch one of the modular injectors from our other instrument to replace the injector module that was not working optimally. Back up and running in 20 minutes.

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