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A private forum for Thermo Fisher partners to collaborate, to learn and to connect.
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Exclusive spot to discuss the evolution of MAM.

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Welcome to the For Partners section of AnalyteGuru.

This space is dedicated for our partners to login to group-hubs, MyLabs, idea-exchanges and other private interactive community spaces. If looking to join, please follow these steps to assure success:

  1. Be sure you've registered and logged in to the community. This is the first step to gain access to any dedicated For Partners space and to join the conversation.
  2. Upon logging in and creating a username, please use your company email domain - some permissions for partner specific accounts are set around this login criteria.
  3. To request a new space, put suggestions in the AnalyteGuru Suggestions idea-exchange.
  4. If you have trouble logging in to a space you are hoping to join, or have any additional questions, please contact the community manager (for support.

There are some new groups shaping up if you are interested in joining!

  • If you would like to join the MAM Exclusive User Group, we'd be happy to assist. Please contact - Aaron_TFS or request to join after logging in.

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