Tuesday, April 5, 2022
2022 Global IC Symposium - Accessible in multiple time zones   Don't miss this opportunity to take charge of your IC analysis   Ion chromatography (IC) is a critical analytical tool on which laboratories rely to analyze charged and polar molecules and provide solutions to some of their most challenging problems. Learn how colleagues and experts are using this powerful separation technique across the IC application spectrum to improve their workflows. You’ll hear from a panel of experts, learn how the latest IC applications are helping colleagues achieve breakthroughs, and walk away with valuable information on how advancements in IC can solve modern challenges.     Although each day is convenient for a specific region, you can attend any session on any day. All sessions will be recorded for On Demand viewing after the symposium.   Event Highlights: April 5: Opening and Plenary – Ion Chromatography for Water Analysis: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Jeff Rohrer, Director, Thermo Fisher Scientific Sunnyvale Applications Lab April 6: Live webinars for North America and Europe – Talks will focus on pharmaceutical topics in European timelines, with presentations continuing throughout the day on industrial topics in North American time zones. April 7: Live webinars for Europe and Asia – Presentations in Asian time zones will cover relevant environmental topics, with the day continuing for European audiences with a focus on food & beverage. April 8: Live webinars for Asia – Talks covering industrial topics will conclude the virtual event.   For more information Register here
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