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REGISTER NOW » Traditionally, nutrient and water anal yses have relied on wet chemistry techniques such as titrations, flow injection, and segmented flow analysis, and other colorimetric techniques.  However, these approaches are slow, labor-intensive, and often unreliable, involving hazardous reag ents that add substantial costs for waste disposal. For laboratories looking for an improvement from traditional wet chemistry techniques, discover the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ and Gallery™ Plus Aqua Master Discrete Analyzers, easy-to-operate automated systems created specifically for simultaneous multiparameter water and nutrient analyses, powered by specially designed software features to help you meet local regulations, such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. E PA), realize high-throughput automation, and achieve walkaway efficiency. As integrated and highly automated platforms, the Gallery Aqua Master analyzers not only improve the reliability and sensitivity of results compared to manual techniques, but they also increase laboratory productivity by freeing staff to work on other value-added tasks. Adding to that, their automated workflows eliminate the need to handle hazardous reagents, for a saf er and healthier work environment.  The Gallery Aqua Master systems also require lower sample and reagent volumes and generate a much lower volume of waste, enabling laboratories to meet sustainability goals, and reducing the cost per test by as much as 20 times. This webinar will focus on    Learn about discrete analyzer   ers and their capabilities in overcoming the limitations of traditional wet chemistry techniques Learn about the Gallery Aqua Master workflows, automation, and rapid detection of key environmental tests Learn how Gallery Aqua Master minimizes manual errors, for less hands-on time, more automation, and better regulatory compliance, Discover how the Gallery Aqua Master discrete analyzers can help you reduce cost per test and save you time. Discuss the key benefits and advancements of the Gallery Aqua Master systems in water and nutrient analyses Official release of EPA-approved methods for detecting nitrate + nitrite (TON) and orthophosphate in drinking water REGISTER NOW »
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