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Insights into direct mRNA sequencing by LC–MS

Published on ‎05-16-2023 06:52 AM by Team TFS | Updated on ‎05-16-2023 06:53 AM


Webinar: Insights into direct mRNA sequencing by LC–MS


Thursday, May 25, 2023
8 a.m. PDT | 11 a.m. EDT | 16:00 BST | 17:00 CEST


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mRNA therapeutics currently have a market value of >$40 billion, which is estimated to grow to over $100 billion by 2026. The potential of mRNA technology for rapid vaccine development has been demonstrated to change the timeline for developing and delivering a new vaccine from years to months, highlighted by the successful development and approval of two mRNA vaccines for COVID-19.


There is currently significant demand for the development of new and improved analytical methods for the characterization of large RNA including mRNA therapeutics.


This webcast will present the development of automated, high-throughput workflows for the rapid characterization and direct sequence mapping of large RNA and mRNA molecules using LC–MS/MS.

Multiple innovations were developed to overcome challenges in digestion, oligonucleotide separation and identification. Comprehensive sequence coverage for a range of large RNAs and mRNAs is routinely obtained in a single analysis. The ability to rapidly identify, characterize and map the sequence of large mRNA therapeutics with high coverage provides important information for identity testing, sequence validation and impurity analysis.



  • How to characterize and map the sequence of mRNA therapeutics using LC–MS
  • Tips for ensuring high quality LC–MS data is generated
  • How to optimize sequence mapping of mRNA therapeutics using LC–MS




Dr. Ken Cook

Manager,EU Pharma/Biopharma expert support group
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ken Cook, Ph.D., started as a university lecturer in protein biochemistry, University of Newcastle upon Tyne before moving to industry. Now with over 35 years’ experience with Thermo Fisher Scientific, his current job title is the Manager for the EU Pharma/Biopharma expert support group. This involves the support of bio-pharmaceutical applications, involving ongoing collaborations with the biopharmaceutical industry and academia and method development for the characterization of biological compounds by LC/HRMS, including oligonucleotides and therapeutic proteins.
Dr. Mark J. Dickman
Professor of Bioanalytical Science and Engineering
University of Sheffield, UK
Prof. Dickman obtained a first-class honours degree in biochemistry/chemistry and his Ph.D. at the Krebs Institute, University of Sheffield. He then joined a biotechnology company, Transgenomic Ltd, and since 2003 has worked in the Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield, where his research focuses on the development of analytical methods to characterize biomolecules including mRNA and oligonucleotide therapeutics.

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Thu, May 25, 2023 08:00 AM PDT
Thu, May 25, 2023 05:00 PM PDT
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