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HPLC Method Transfer: A CDMO perspective

Published on ‎05-05-2022 06:14 AM by Team TFS | Updated on ‎05-18-2022 11:10 AM

In this webinar, two Analytical Development Lab Chemists will share key learnings, feedback and best practices for transferring methods from competitive instruments and developing new ones onto the Vanquish liquid chromatography platform. The criteria for the chosen technology was strict:

  • Compatible with existing IT infrastructure (Waters™ Empower™ 3 Chromatography Data Software)
  • Suitable for the analysis of both chemical and biologic molecules
  • Both HPLC and UHPLC performance for compatibility with legacy HPLC methods as well as more modern UHPLC assays
  • Seamless method transfer capabilities

Key Learning Objectives:

  • (U)HPLC method transfer cross platforms
  • Integration of Thermo Scientific Vanquish platforms into an existing Waters™ Empower™ 3 environment
  • Overcoming hesitancy of change

Who Should Attend:

  • Laboratory managers
  • CDMO, CRO and Pharma scientists
  • Department / business heads and principal scientists

Register Here: HPLC Method Transfer: A CDMO perspective


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