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Emerging topics in food safety webinar series

Event in progress
Published on ‎03-07-2022 04:23 AM by Team TFS | Updated on ‎03-07-2022 04:32 AM



Emerging topics in food safety is designed to showcase food safety issues that are important in the European, Middle East and Africa regions.


In each session we will slice-and-dice a field of food safety highlighting the solutions that are available today and for future-proofing your lab, keeping you one-step ahead of regulatory updates.


Find out more about each presentation and register here


 Each food week will focus on different areas:

  • March 29, April 6-7 | Pesticide residues analysis – using the new CS21 column for IC-MS, GC-MS and LC-MS
  • July 4-7 | Food authenticity and quality control
  • October 4-6 | Food contaminants
  • Carbohydrates and metals webinars are now available on-demand


I hope you will be able to attend the webinars that are relevant for you and I know you will find it to be a valuable use of your time.  If you are unable to attend, you can still register to access the on-demand recordings at your convenience after each session.

Tue, Mar 29, 2022 02:00 AM PDT
Thu, Oct 6, 2022 03:30 AM PDT
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