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Break through the noise - Try the simulation game and join the leaderboard!

Team TFS
Team TFS

Complex science doesn’t mean complicated analyses. The Thermo Scientific™ Neoma™ MS/MS MC-ICP-MS filters out the noise to give you world-class isotope ratio data with stunning clarity. How does it work? Get a taste of it in our simulation game!


Discover how a unique pre-cell mass filtering technology in combination with a dedicated collision/reaction cell allows you to separate out isobaric interferences. Have a go at Rb-Sr, Ca, K, Fe, Pb or interference-free Ti isotope analysis. Join us in opening up new avenues in the field of laser ablation MC-ICP-MS and beyond.


Let the game begin! Get your name high up on the leaderboard.




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Interested to learn more about the Neoma MS/MS MC-ICP-MS system? 

Have a look at our brochure or visit for application notes and product videos.


Do you have a question for us? Visit our Analyte Guru Community to discuss all Neoma MS/MS MC-ICP-MS topics.


mzCloud - A State of the Art Mass Spectral Library

A freely searchable collection of high resolution accurate mass spectra that can be accessed online, free of charge.