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Problem with GC-IRMS

Hi,I am a Ph.D. student. I am working with GC-IRMS. We have MAT 253 IRMS along with Ultra trace GC. and GC interfaced with IRMS through GC combustion III.Recently I had a problem of really high water background after doing maintenance e.g. changing t...

Shai by Involved Contributor
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Full Scan and PRM for quantification

Hi everyone, I would like some clarifications regarding the PRM technique. I have always used this technique for the Orbirtrap Q Exactive Focus for quantification analyzes on food matrices. By doing some tests on a matrix, I realize that the full sca...

method of dosed additions

Hello,I am using a GC-Orbitrap for quantitative analysis.I am doing the method of dosed additions but the software is hard to use with this method.I know that with tracefinder for the standard dosed additions method, there is no need to inject the un...

chloe by Involved Contributor
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Orbitrap Calibration issue

Hi,We have an Orbitrap Velos mass spectrometer. We are having trouble calibrating the same, and the data we get is inaccurate. The spray seems to be stable. I have tried cleaning the ion transfer tube, changing LC solvents, and using a new Calmix. Al...

gpandey by Involved Contributor
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RawFileReader reading of audit trial in raw files

Hello, I have an export of cmbx file which contains a raw files. I am unable to read the audit trial information from the raw files. Can someone please guide. For example if there is 1 injection within a sequence and I export in chromeleon to cmbx fi...

vinodrao by Involved Contributor
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Quickly track order status on

You can use the online order lookup tool to quickly track your order status from shipment through to delivery. View the most up-to-date availability information for each product on all your orders (even if the orders weren’t placed o...

wyu_0-1649793737858.png wyu_1-1649793737870.jpeg
wyu by Team TFS
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