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method of dosed additions

Involved Contributor
Involved Contributor


I am using a GC-Orbitrap for quantitative analysis.

I am doing the method of dosed additions but the software is hard to use with this method.

I know that with tracefinder for the standard dosed additions method, there is no need to inject the undoped matrix. The result is shown in the standard addition amount column. But when a dilution factor has to be taken into account it is not applied anywhere. So I tried adding the injection of the undoped matrix. In the standard addition column, the concentration indicated for the dosed addition can be found, but without the dilution factor being applied. There is a sample amount column in which the dilution factor is taken into account but it does not correspond to the concentration of the standard addition column X dilution factor.

Has anyone ever used TraceFinder for this method?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


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