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What is a knowledgebase?

Community Manager
Community Manager

A knowledgebase (also called a tribal knowledgebase) is a collection of articles that captures and organizes helpful community information. Knowledgebases are great community resources for several reasons:

  • You can search for knowledgebase articles or use special navigation links that let you browse through the community's knowledge bases.
  • After you find an article, you can add your comments. If the article's publisher incorporates your comment into a later version of the article, you'll get credit as a contributor.
  • Articles can contain some of the same rich media as other posts, including images and attachments.
  • Each article contains lists of contributors and related links.
  • Contributors can be community members whose posts or comments are used in the article, authors who put the article together, or editors who reviewed or refined it. Related links take you to posts that were used in the article or other posts that the authors thought you might find helpful or interesting, including forum messages, blog articles and ideas.
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