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How do I use search in the AnalyteGuru community?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Search Guide – 6 Steps to using search in the community

1. To start – Use the search bar, type the word or best-fit phrase.


2. If you are interested in searching for an exact phrase – bookend the phrase between quotation marks.Molly_I2_1-1632186734352.png

3. Suggested search is available to help you find what you are looking for. As you populate questions or search terms in the search bar, suggested posts will appear below the search bar – the suggestions should frame out recommended content for you to view. In order to view these items, you can click on the suggested posts in the drop down. 


4. On the righthand side of the search bar, you can expand the search results by clicking the magnifying glass or hitting Enter.  


5. You can change the scope or category of your community search by searching within a specific location or applying filters to the results. Do this by selecting any of the filters at the top of the results as shown below.


6. To apply more filters click “Advanced” and to change the way it is sorted, use the “Sorted by” feature:




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