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How do I get started in the community?

Community Manager
Community Manager

An online community is a place where members interact with each other through online conversation and discussion. We feel confident that our AnalyteGuru members will share interests around their analytical science & research objectives. We believe our scientists will see great value in discussing common questions around workflows, interests in new laboratory capabilities, and supporting their peers in-industry.

Get started and use the space to: 

  • Ask questions to other members
  • Keep informed on top discussions weekly
  • Share advice or knowledge with other members seeking answers 
  • Pull answers from the knowledgebase
  • Let the community team know what additional information we can provide

How to get started: 

  1. Search for any information or question you might want to ask the community of scientists. Do this by typing your question into the search bar. 
  2. If no answer is populated, try posting a question in one of the forums to start the conversation. You must be registered and logged in to ask a question. Help - AnalyteGuru
  3. You can do this by starting a conversation from the home page and selecting the scientific community of choice using a drop-down menu
  4. You can also find the forums using the navigation categories at the top of the page.
  5. If posting a question, try to post the question in the best-fit scientific community for the conversation and also select labels to help categorize your conversation. What are labels?
  6. Tagging is also available to help you sort your own conversations if additional categorization or details are needed. What is a tag?
  7. Your community team will work to assure you find the best space to seek support and answers from within the community. 
  8. To follow your conversations, you’ll have the ability to select communication preferences within the community and in your profile settings. Using subscriptions can be useful in staying up to date on topics and conversation categories of choice. The way you receive updates and alerts is up to you and can be changed in your profile settings

  9. You can change your subscription and email notification settings in My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications

Additional resources: 

For more Community How-To's – use provided link

Step 1. - Search first!



Step 4. Navigation Categories!



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