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AnalyteGuru Community Guidelines

Community Manager
Community Manager

Everything we do starts with you.

Our goal is to foster a safe environment for you and your peers to network, ask questions, and offer solutions within the global scientific community. Let us make this a valuable experience for everyone by following the guidelines below.


1. Be Authentic

Share your sincere opinions and experiences.

2. Be Respectful

Be inclusive of people with different cultures, beliefs, and practices. Use preferred titles and pronouns. Value people’s privacy and confidentiality.

3. Be Open to New Perspectives

Diverse views ignite agility and innovation. Help foster a diverse environment by being open to new ideas and encouraging all voices.

4. Challenge Scientific Reasoning, Not People

Seek alignment over agreement. Be respectful in all interactions, especially when evaluating other people’s ideas. Strive to listen as much as you speak.

5. Be Purposeful and to the Point

Help make the conversation easier to follow by staying on topic. Avoid repetition by leveraging centralized assets and FAQs. 

6. Help Others Help You

When posting questions, provide adequate information. Use “Likes” to show gratitude to people who point you in the right direction.

7. Model Responsibility

Be an active and responsible member of the community. If you come across content that violates our guidelines, please report it to the community manager or moderators.

8. Report Activities Resembling Solicitation

The AnalyteGuru community is intended to be a safe space for scientific conversation and debate. Please report any unwanted product or service solicitation to our site administrator. 


Disclaimer: The AnalyteGuru online discussion board and any related services we offer are part of our website and mobile application offerings. Your use of these services is therefore subject to our Website and Mobile Application Terms of Use in addition to the community guidelines above. These community guidelines are not intended to limit or prejudice our rights under our Website and Mobile Application Terms of Use in any way. For the avoidance of doubt, Thermo Fisher and its affiliates do not endorse, recommend or promote any use or application of products provided by AnalyteGuru community members.  Information and materials presented or provided by community members are provided as-is and without warranty of any kind, including regarding intellectual property rights and reported results.


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