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SOFT Annual Conference - September 26-30th, 2021

Team TFS
Team TFS

We will be attending in person the Society of Forensic Toxicology conference at the end of the month.


If you are attending, please join us for the following events:


  • Thermo Lunch and Learns
    • Monday & Tuesday September 28th – 12-1:30
    • Ryman Ballroom F


  • P-058 Advanced search tools for identification of novel fentanyl analogs detected by HRAM Orbitrap mass spectrometry
  • P-048 Quantitation of 22 fentanyl analogs by UHPLC-MS/MS
  • P-028 High-Capacity Screening for Compounds of Forensic Toxicological Interest Using a Standardized LC-MS/MS System and Method

Hope to see you there virtually or in person!

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