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Lab Automation

Team TFS
Team TFS

What sort of workflows would benefit from Lab Automation?  Is there a preference on which workflows work well? 


Team TFS
Team TFS

As someone working mainly on proteins, I'd find automated Dynabeads protocols useful (such as the one used by Fleury as a sample prep for COVID detection). Combining this with an automated SMART digest protocol would allow reproducible workflows for most peptide quantitation workflows.

Thanks Richard! Do you have the info on the Fleury method?

The Fleury method utilized Sermag carboxylate particles, which are similar the Thermo Fisher Epoxy Dynabeads. They were able to successfully identify positive clinical patient samples (as determined by PCR) with a sensitivity of 84% and a specificity of 96%. They achieved this by enriching samples with magnetic beads, tryptically digesting and detecting peptides with a triple quad mass spec (TSQ Altis). By coupling their automated workflow with a multichannel Transcend TLX-4, they were able to create a robust and fast testing system that was fully automated on a Hamilton STARlet and was capable of testing over 500 samples in a 24-hour period.