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Guiding the Sweet Revolution in Glycomics

There’s been a lot of interest recently in the study of glycans and glycoforms, such as proteins and peptides that have glycans attached to them. The analysis of glycans (also known as carbohydrates, ...


Honey Laundering: A Food Fraud That’s Not So Sweet

I love the term honey laundering, and in this continually growing food fraud scandal wouldn’t it be wonderful, almost romantic, if it were actually the bees that were perpetrating the crime and making...


Why I Turned from Phosphorylation to Glycan Analysis

Most of my early research career focused on the post-translational modifications (PTMs) of proteins and in those days there was only one worthy PTM in my eyes and that was phosphorylation while glycos...


Give Your Valentine: Antioxidants!

Of all the special days on the calendar, I think Valentine’s Day has to be the healthiest. Think about it. Christmas has all those fattening cookies, fruitcake, and candy canes – not to mention the st...


Gas Chromatography Consumables: Tips for Best Results

In my last two installments in this series, I covered Hydrophobic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (link to blog post) and Sample Preparation: Three Techniques Reviewed (link to blog post); and here,...


Heavy Metals in Food: ICP Analysis or Time for a Detox?

As my friend has just finished his January health detox diet (link to webmd site) apparently feeling much the better for it and I was wondering about the real science behind it. During some simple web...


Sample Preparation: Three Techniques Reviewed

I hope you found the last installment on Hydrophobic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (link to blog post) useful. Supporting my goal to discuss and provide resources on the latest tools and technique...