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Thermo Fisher Scientific Makes Earth Day More Sustainable

Happy Earth Day! Proposed by peace activist John McConnel at a UNESCO conference in 1960 and founded on April 22, 1970, by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day demonstrates support for environmental...

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The Enviromenta-LIST: The Current State of PFAS in Europe

This listicle lays out the current state of the PFAS crisis in Europe and the measures being taken to address the issue of these forever compounds in our environment. Per- and polyfluorinated substanc...

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Going Underground for World Water Day 2022

The 2022 theme of World Water Day (March 22) is Groundwater - making the invisible, visible. Why is this important? It is estimated there is over a thousand times more water in the ground than on the ...

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A Closer Look into Microplastics

Courtesy of IS-X.Why is plastic — having a lifespan of several hundred years or more — widely used for disposable tools and containers? This is a paradoxical question that is hard to answer, but it pr...

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What are Haloacetic Acids and Why Should We Be Concerned?

In my last blog post why we disinfect water, I gave a brief history of why disinfection of drinking water prior to consumption is necessary. It is a positive process step to stop life-threatening dise...

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A Brief History of Why We Disinfect Water

Water is nature’s greatest resource, and clean water is the giver of life and ultimately is the reason we exist on this spinning rock in the sky we call Earth.As we exist now, there are robust procedu...

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There something in the water…

The average person consumes approximately 58 gallons of water every year. It is essential that we have regulations in place to ensure that our water is safe to drink. Volatile organic compounds, or VO...

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What do you know about High Temperature Static Headspace?

The characterization of the volatile fraction of a liquid or solid sample is definitely a field of gas chromatography coupled to headspace sampling technique. Static or dynamic or through SPME enrichm...

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Everyone into the Pool (and Why It’s Safe to Do So)

During a recent search for a new apartment, I was presented with some sharply contrasting options. One had a balcony overlooking the carport and dumpsters, while the other had a view of umbrella-shade...

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Lead Testing in Public School Drinking Water

If you search “lead in public school drinking water” you may see news every day on either lead contamination or actions taken in a particular state to measure lead levels in school drinking water. In ...

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Is Bottled Water Just Water?

Selling bottled water is big business with a global market estimated at 280 billion liters in 2014 and consumers in the USA averaging consumption of 128 liters per person per year. The absence of both...

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Has Chromium Contaminated Your Drinking Water?

While the story is still developing for lead contamination in drinking water at Flint, Michigan (to see how it can happen, download the lead contamination infographic), we heard that chromium (VI), or...

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Filtration in Our Everyday Life

Being a new resident in the United States, installing water filters on my water faucet was one of the first things that I had to do after moving into my apartment. Filtration is truly one of the most ...

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