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I’m In Charge

Despite my busy schedule as a full-time working parent and tennis team captain, I greatly enjoy when I am in charge of preparing delicious meals in my kitchen, which I tend to run almost like a mini l...

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Better safe than sorry!

Being the youngest and only girl in the family has meant that I’ve provided my dad with that little extra level of worry. My dad is a cautious soul; especially when it comes to his children and their ...

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Orbitraps and Flying Elephants – It’s Native

Nativeadjective“…something that a thing has naturally and is part of their basic character” *The word native can be applied to people or things and can be used as an adjective or a noun. When we talk ...

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Drive-thru McBiosimilars

Developing Biologics FasterFor centuries Scotland has been a leader in biotechnology with brewing and distilling technologies creating whiskies that are the envy of the world. So it shouldn't come as ...

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Shaping the Future Together

It’s fair to say that now is a time of change throughout the world. I often find myself pondering what the future will hold. We see change on many levels, from macro trends such as political and econo...

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Biotherapeutics are really boring…

Coming from a small molecule background, biotherapeutics just don’t interest me. Not one bit. They are big, a pain to analyse and it’s bothersome to listen to the struggles faced by those working with...

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Have All Three: Faster, Better and Easier

Everyone knows the story of the last buggy-whip salesman - Transport by horse and carriage worked fine for millennia. Then the motor car came along, and many in society stayed with their faithful equi...

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Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

Is The Answer To Ever Increasing Biotherapeutic Complexity Simple?In recent years biopharmaceuticals (protein-based pharmaceuticals, manufactured by biotechnological methods) have become successful bo...

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Can Protein Digestion Really Be 3 Simple Steps?

Until recently we used a 2-day protocol to characterize proteins, but now with the new immobilized trypsin kit we’re down to 1 hour for large protein such as Immunoglobulin G (IgG).Find out more and w...

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Since I can remember I’ve always had a thing about collecting maps. I have folders full of free ones detailing places from childhood holidays, road atlases covering a large proportion of the globe, ol...

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The Social Network of Cellular Biology

Understanding the molecular sociology of proteinsAt some point during our education most of us learn some basic cell biology with cartoons of cells and organelles in text books, illustrating cellular ...

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