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Discover Deeper Insights Into Your Sample

In my last blog post, “Looking for Certainty,” I took a closer look at the importance of data certainty and how it’s critical to all applications, but especially in contaminant testing. The importance...

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Penguins, POPs and Pandemic

Like Batman and Robin, or Han Solo and Chewbacca, combining gas chromatography with Orbitrap technology was always going to be a winning combination. With needle-sharp chromatographic peaks and high m...

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Do we have to live with glyphosate?

My health kick-started, as for many I’m sure, at the beginning of the New Year when I decided that I would ditch the refined sugar and saturated fat diet I’d become so accustomed to over the past few ...

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Pesticides on your plate!

Experts recommend fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy lifestyles. Monitoring programs detect a high number of different chemical residues in foods. Individually the pesticides are claimed to be sa...

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Fipronil: Better on Your Dog than in Your Breakfast

Fipronil may be effective at controlling fleas on your dog, but it is a toxic insecticide which you definitely do not need in your scrambled eggs.Fipronil sends an insect’s central nervous system fata...

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LC-MS Pesticide Analysis in 5 Minutes

YOUR TASKYour daily work consists of monitoring hundreds of pesticides in food. You have a generic LC-MS method for the analysis of hundreds of pesticides in a single run. Is your method sufficiently ...

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Cocktails and Pesticides

You may have celebrated the festive period with a cocktail or two. If you did, which pesticides did you possibly consume? The answer may depend on whether or not your cocktail was embellished with sli...

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1,4 Dioxane and the Environment

I recently came across a National Science Foundation video (link to NSF page with video) about 1,4 dioxane in North Carolina’s Cape Fear River Basin. This compound is a synthetic industrial chemical t...

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