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Orbitrap: A New Perspective in Drug Discovery

Well, that’s just your opinion.We all see, feel, experience and interpret the world around us differently; you could say we each have a unique perspective. This is partly based on environmental factor...

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Bispecifics: Killing Two Birds with One Stone…

I never did like the expression: “killing two birds with one stone.” Why would anyone want to kill a bird, let alone two!? I do like the idea of achieving two purposes with a single action, though, es...

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A Quick Guide to Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy has hit the headlines over the past few days, with some outstanding successes seen in preliminary trials. But what exactly is immunotherapy, and what are its advantages over exist...

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Danger! Unexploded Antibody!

I’ve always been fascinated by the field of immunology and the immune system, probably explaining why I took a doctorate in immunology. Two areas that particularly interest me are how the immune syste...

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Antibodies: Tough Killers or Big Softies?

Quick question: what is a monoclonal antibody? What does it really do? If you already work in biotherapeutics, or if your high-school biology is within memory then you may know. But for the rest of us...

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