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Leading the Way to Learning

Life is a beautiful continuity no matter what obstacles it throws at us, we keep going. Science keeps evolving and we find innovative solutions to everyday challenges through those smaller or larger s...

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The missing link!

The normal tendency for any analyst is to stay in their comfort zone with HPLC techniques. Sometimes this works, but often not! I see reverse-phase columns forced into application areas which they are...

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Looking for Certainty

It’s a very uncertain world. Who knows what the future holds? If anything is certain, it’s that 2020 is not the year we all thought it was going to be. Having certainty is important in everything we d...

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Reaching Beyond LC-MS in Metabolomics

To state the obvious, researching metabolomics is complex! As a still relatively new branch of ‘omics’ researching and understanding the metabolism of living organisms in a wide range of conditions, i...

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Biohacking: Engineering a Cleaner Future

With today’s increasing demand for resources and a clear trend toward fossil-fuel free, sustainable energy, the world is looking for alternatives. An emerging modern technique that could change the wa...

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Personalized Medicine Quick Guide

The term personalized medicine has been used for many years, I can certainly remember it being a buzz word when I started my research career at the start of the century, and it has been practiced in a...

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Inflammation, Metabolism and My Inflamed Left Foot

Tumor, rubor, calor and dolor at the Metabolomics Society Meeting in DublinDublin. It's not just about Guinness.Here I am at the Metabolomics Society annual meeting in Dublin along with nearly 900 oth...

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