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What Happens When UV Detection Is Just Not Enough?

I don’t think this is a good omen, just as I sat down to write this my own source of UV has just disappeared behind a cloud, perhaps it is trying to tell me something.In HPLC, and many other areas of ...


Mass Spec Fourier Transform-ing the Modern World

Where in the world is Martin Hornshaw?If you are reading this a few days after the day of publication I will be in a beautiful old hilltop town in Italy called Matera. Now I didn’t write this article ...


Systems-Wide Proteomics Comes of Age

Is systems-level proteomics ready for a seat at the table with our genomics colleagues, as a full partner contributing to large-scale biological research, translational research and personalized medic...


Detecting the Undetectable

Wives and mothers always know the truth. Always.But, when it comes to detecting lies with technology we must measure multiple parameters: blood pressure, skin conductivity, pulse and respiration to ev...


Biopharmaceutical Production in Your Garden Shed

This evening I was waiting at the airport to catch a flight home and a dangerous thing happened; I started to think. I was thinking whether I could set myself up as a therapeutic antibody supplier, as...


Pittcon 2016 – Day 4 – Trace Elemental Analysis

Well, the excitement of Pittcon 2016 has come to an end. *tear* But our last day in the Thermo Fisher Scientific booth went out with a bang! Today we were all about advancing trace elemental analysis....


A Quick Guide to Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy has hit the headlines over the past few days, with some outstanding successes seen in preliminary trials. But what exactly is immunotherapy, and what are its advantages over exist...


A Brief History of and Guide to Peptide Mapping

I finished my PhD and began my career as an R&D scientist at the start of the millennium, when proteomics was in its infancy. In those days, peptide mapping was all the rage as researchers looked to b...


Me and Mr. Gauss: A Chromatographic Love Story

One of my favourite songs of all time is Me and Mrs. Jones, by Billie Paul. It is quite simply magnificent! Nerdy as I am, it resonates in my head as “me and Mr. Gauss”, especially when I am in a spot...


The Promise of Proteogenomics: Precision Medicine

Proteogenomics, the integration of proteomics with genomics, is an emerging approach that promises to advance clinical & translational research. By combining genomic and proteomic information, leading...


A New Hope for Early Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Pancreatic cancer is a ‘silent killer’. It does not like to make itself known. Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs and Dirty Dancing actor Patrick Swayze both sadly died of pancreatic cancer. M...


What is the Next Big Thing in Forensic Toxicology?

The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT) (link to meeting) recently concluded their annual conference in the beautiful Florence, Italy. Inaugural events are no disappointment fo...


Orlando Blooms for AAPS

Since I was in my mid-teens I have been fascinated by the pharmaceutical development and production pipeline. Obviously, I was into all the usual things a girl of 15 would be into too: riding ponies, ...


Two Fall Oil And Gas Conferences You May Find of Value

It’s autumn in North America, with thoughts of upcoming holidays stirring our emotions of long-standing traditions, reunions, and good cheer. This time of year also signals another long-standing tradi...


Combat novel synthetic cannabinoids with a new approach

Synthetic cannabinoids are among an expanding group of designer drugs that mimic the effects of controlled substances while evading regulation. Compared to cannabis, synthetic cannabinoids are often m...


Petroleomics and the Economics of Crude Oil

Over the past several months, you may have noticed that gas prices have been relatively stable. Unfortunately, that stability can’t last forever. It is estimated that petroleum (link to product page) ...


Why is the Orbitrap Mass Analyzer so Amazing?

Apart from the cool name, my post today will cover what is different and original about the Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer (MS) as compared to other types of mass analyzers. By the way, we are celebrating...


Disinfection Byproducts? Not in My Water!

Looking at the shelves in the beverage aisle of my grocery store, the number of choices for bottled water is mind-boggling! It’s evidence that bottled water has been one of the fastest growing beverag...