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Pesticides on your plate!

Experts recommend fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy lifestyles. Monitoring programs detect a high number of different chemical residues in foods. Individually the pesticides are claimed to be sa...

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Achieving Accreditation in Clinical Labs

Clinical laboratories are required to comply with stringent regulations, which were introduced to ensure clinicians can obtain quality results on which to base diagnosis and treatment decisions. Howev...

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Is there really an increasing number of pesticides in food?

I recently read an article titled, “Nearly half of British Foods contain pesticide residue,” in the New Food Magazine. The article was in response to the recent release of the Expert Committee On Pest...

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LC-MS/MS System Uptime: A Key Driving Force in Clinical Labs

Clinical laboratories are under constant pressure to analyze a large number of samples and deliver high quality results quickly. To ensure the provision of the best possible service at all times, labo...

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The Power of Standardized Clinical LC-MS/MS

Over the past 10 years, liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MC/MS) has evolved into a highly efficient and specific analytical method, suitable for a growing range of clinical applicati...

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I Once was Lost but Now I am Found - Pesticide Analysis

The world of pesticide analysis is a virtual minefield littered with pitfalls and challenges to navigate but careful navigation can result in quality data that accurately identifies and quantitates th...

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