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What Makes an HPLC Column?

September 2021 saw the launch of a new low-flow UHPLC solution, the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Neo UHPLC system and Thermo Scientific™ PepMap™ Neo UHPLC columns. When we talk about HPLC columns, ter...

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Curiosity is Driving Technology and Vice Versa

Curiosity is the primary driver of science. But developing natural curiosity into scientific thinking and motivation to uncover the endless wonders of nature is a difficult task. The Information Techn...

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Next-Generation Low-Flow LC Technology is Not Marketing Buzz

What does it mean to be the next generation? You don’t have to look far to find the term “next-generation” or “NextGen” used to describe new technology. But what does it mean to describe a product or ...

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Enabling Beyond Brilliant LC-MS Research

What does it mean to go beyond, to exceed your goals? Some synonyms are to excel, outdo, surpass and transcend. These words mean “to go or be beyond a stated or implied limit, measure or degree.” Goin...

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Are Your Cells on a Star Athlete Diet?

Everyone needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. As an extreme example, professional athletes require a scientifically constructed diet to achieve peak performance, along with a scientifically designed...

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Leading the Way to Learning

Life is a beautiful continuity no matter what obstacles it throws at us, we keep going. Science keeps evolving and we find innovative solutions to everyday challenges through those smaller or larger s...

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Virtual 2020

As 2020 draws to a close it is a good time to reflect on what has probably been the strangest year that most of us have ever experienced. The word ‘unprecedented’ has been worn out by overuse and the ...

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Is the Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) the next big thing?

The history of medical science is full of exciting technological advances. From antibiotics deemed “wonder drugs” in 1929 to the discovery of DNA’s double helix by James Watson and Francis Crick in 19...

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What are nitrosamines and why should I care?

With one massive, global health concern on everyone’s mind these days, it’s easy to forget that other problems haven’t gone away and may even be just as important or becoming even more critical. They’...

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Immunoassay or LC-MS?

It has been three years since I wrote on the subject or whether LC or LC-MS could ever replace immunoassays; this is the Analyte Guru article and a longer review published in the Journal of Bioanalysi...

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Warning! Fucose Matters

I would like to talk about fucose.‘Fucose…is that the red triangle1?’ is a question commonly asked by colleagues who are either advocates of the Oxford notation2 system, or less informed about the joy...

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Purchasing the Right LCMS: Lessons Taken from Wedding Planning

Recently it seems the only question my fiancé and I receive is “How is wedding planning going?” Our sometimes not very enthusiastic answer then yields the question, “Have you considered a wedding plan...

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How to Stop Your Mass Spectrometer Procrastination

If 10 years ago you told me I would be writing an article about avoiding procrastination I would have laughed as I thought I was a procrastinator myself. I have come to realise that it wasn’t ‘true’ p...

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Lessons as a New Homeowner

As a new homeowner I’m quickly becoming accustomed to the laundry list of To Dos around the house. While drywall and electrical work are new territory for me, there are so many parallels between home ...

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