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Top 10 AnalyteGuru Blog Posts of 2021

As we close out 2021, the team at AnalyteGuru would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. It was an eventful year for us. We grew our analytical science blog into a scientific community, a...

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Systems and Methods to Streamline Your Wine Analysis

Wine is enjoyed by millions around the world, with a consumer following that appreciates its great variety, color, bouquet and flavor. Connoisseurs differentiate wines according to grape variety, geog...

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Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of Ion Chromatography

Last year we celebrated the 45th anniversary of Dionex™, the brand for Thermo Fisher Scientific™ ion chromatography systems and consumables. Dionex is synonymous with — and no doubt one of the most re...

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IC-MS: The Perfect Marriage of Two Halves

What is a successful marriage? Is it a partnership of a similar kind or the opposite that attracts? Maybe it’s to bring out the best in each other? My parents were married for 65 years. Watching them ...

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Is Automating Sample Preparation Just About Convenience?

Almost every modern-day method uses recent technology in instrumentation for the detection and quantification of whatever analyte or analytes are of interest. The benefits of today’s systems are very ...

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Exploring the Limits of Ion Chromatography Simplicity

Many labs purchase chromatography systems to just get today’s job done as efficiently as possible. This is quite understandable given the environment we work in and with all the challenges a modern la...

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A Brief History of Why We Disinfect Water

Water is nature’s greatest resource, and clean water is the giver of life and ultimately is the reason we exist on this spinning rock in the sky we call Earth.As we exist now, there are robust procedu...

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It’s simple, don’t make it complex!

A little spark in my brain took me back to school when my Maths teacher said, "Here is a pencil and a piece of paper - can you draw a circle with a dot in the middle without taking the pencil off the ...

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The Transformative Power of an Upgrade

I recently purchased a house and moving into a new space gave me an opportunity to evaluate some of my everyday activities. The move introduced me to major appliances that had features that I had prev...

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