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Small in Footprint. Big on Performance.

I found myself laughing uncontrollably as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot last week. I was sitting at the traffic light entrance to the shopping complex when my rearview mirror was suddenl...

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Just 5 Clicks (to Get to a Result)?

We’ve all been there. It’s the first of the month and you have a pile of bills waiting to be paid. The kids are in bed and you sit down at your computer to get them paid before you finish washing dish...

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Two Years Without Worry? There's a Lot to Like about iCAP

Two years without worry? If you’re anything like me, even a week free from worry seems like an impossible dream. I’ll give you a couple of examples. I was driving my kids to school, talking to my son ...

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There’s a Lot to Like About iCAP

With a background as a chemist performing elemental analysis, I can remember an instance when I was rushing to analyze multiple sample sets on my ICP-OES in the same week. I had completed the first se...

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Pittcon 2016 – Day 4 – Trace Elemental Analysis

Well, the excitement of Pittcon 2016 has come to an end. *tear* But our last day in the Thermo Fisher Scientific booth went out with a bang! Today we were all about advancing trace elemental analysis....

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Hey! There’s Lead in My Water!

Is my tap water contaminated with lead? If it is, should I be concerned? How did the lead get into my tap water in the first place? These are questions that the residents of Flint, Michigan are curren...

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Trace Elemental Analysis: Which Instrument is Best for You?

In my previous blog post, I established a set of key terms that are relevant when discussing elemental analysis. Here, I will use those terms to discuss a topic that must be addressed when tackling a ...

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Trace Elemental Analysis: Key Terms You Should Know

As summer draws to a close, I’m being inundated with back-to-school advertisements, and I find myself reminiscing fondly about my days as a chemistry graduate student. I looked forward to spending hou...

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Top Four Toxic Metals in Water: Facts and Testing

Analyzing the metals in our environmental waters is important because many heavy metals pose a serious threat to our health. Among the WHO’s 10 chemicals of major Public Health concern, four are metal...

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Fast Analysis for Fast Food

In my previous role as an analytical chemist, I know that the most time consuming and often the most disliked task of analysis is the sample preparation. But, help is on hand for those of us involved ...

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