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See the Wood Through the Trees: Vienna MC-ICP-MS/MS

Multicollector inductively coupled mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS) has become the workhorse of isotope ratio mass spectrometry since its introduction 25 years ago. Over this time, there have been dramat...

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Is Battery Technology Just All About Lithium?

As countries across the world accelerate their efforts to move away from fossil fuels, lithium ion batteries have rapidly become established as a key component in the drive to greener energy alternati...

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An ICP-MS Expedition through the Elements – Part 3

Hello again to those of you who joined my first and second ICP-MS expeditions through the Group 1 and Group 2 elements of the Periodic Table respectively, and a warm welcome to those of you who have j...

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An ICP-MS Expedition through the Elements – Part 2.

Welcome back to those of you who joined my first ICP-MS expedition through Group 1 of the Periodic Table (the alkali metals), and hello to those of you who have just joined me here!Our expedition cont...

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An ICP-MS Expedition through the Elements – Part 1

The Periodic Table is one of the most familiar creations in the world of chemistry. Since Dmitry Mendeleev first proposed that different elements could be related together in rows and columns accordin...

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ICP-MS – It’s Time for an Upgrade

What is High Resolution?Sometimes, samples at trace level produce strong matrix interferences. These interferences muddy the waters, so to speak, obscuring your analyte of interest, and you cannot lea...

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How to Improve Your ICP-MS Analysis, Part 2: Interferences

In the first part of this series, I discussed the problem of contamination in ICP-MS and how you can solve it. In this second part, I will delve into the tricky issue of interferences and how you can ...

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How to Improve Your ICP-MS Analysis, Part 1: Contamination

Getting good and consistent results for trace element analysis using ICP-MS can be a daily challenge. For a start, contamination lurks everywhere, ready to trip you up. Next, there is the problem of s...

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Meet Us in Pau at Spectr’Atom 2018!

Spectr’Atom is a premier bi-annual, atomic spectrometry conference for France, which takes place in the picturesque city of Pau, on the edge of the Pyrenees mountain range. This year, the conference, ...

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Do we owe life as we know it to Jupiter?

Researchers found that gas giant Jupiter likely formed only shortly after the formation of the Sun, about 4.6 billion years ago, making Jupiter the oldest planet in our solar system.How did they find ...

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Bringing Speciation Analysis into Focus

One of the more annoying tasks that I find myself having to perform at least once every few days is cleaning my glasses. I initially try wiping them with my shirt, but that only succeeds in spreading ...

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Speciation Using IC-ICP-MS: To Catch a Smooth Criminal

In trace elemental analysis, people are used to looking at concentrations of toxic elements to determine whether drinking water is safe, soils are free from contamination and pharmaceutical products a...

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Accuracy Without the Complexity

Although it might seem longer, quadrupole ICP-MS technology has only existed since the early 1980s. What we recognise as ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometry) started life as the com...

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Dear Santa, I’d Really Like an iCAP

Christmas season is upon us – it has been here since the moment Halloween ended. Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving is not even a fully recognized holiday anymore. It’s become the “we’re halfway to Christ...

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Your Toolbox Belongs at Home

I love being a homeowner because it gives me the freedom to take on small home repair projects and makes me a superhero mom to my kids. The other day, my son scraped his knee while playing outside. Wh...

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Software That Won’t Wear on You

How many of you are you familiar with “I, Robot?” No, I’m not referring to the 2004 action, science fiction movie starring the handsome Mr. Will Smith. I’m talking about Isaac Asimov’s collection of s...

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Really, Really Robust. Really.

Athletes, flavor, constitution, someone’s voice, coffee – these are all words that you might expect to be qualified with the word “robust.” It’s a great description and creates a nice word picture. Ho...

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