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IC-MS: The Perfect Marriage of Two Halves

What is a successful marriage? Is it a partnership of a similar kind or the opposite that attracts? Maybe it’s to bring out the best in each other? My parents were married for 65 years. Watching them ...

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The missing link!

The normal tendency for any analyst is to stay in their comfort zone with HPLC techniques. Sometimes this works, but often not! I see reverse-phase columns forced into application areas which they are...

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Reaching Beyond LC-MS in Metabolomics

To state the obvious, researching metabolomics is complex! As a still relatively new branch of ‘omics’ researching and understanding the metabolism of living organisms in a wide range of conditions, i...

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Ionic Metabolites – A Challenge for IC-MS?

If you’re in the field of metabolomics then ion chromatography (IC) probably isn’t a technique at the forefront of your mind. However many metabolites in the citric acid and glycolysis cycles are ioni...

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Disinfection Byproducts? Not in My Water!

Looking at the shelves in the beverage aisle of my grocery store, the number of choices for bottled water is mind-boggling! It’s evidence that bottled water has been one of the fastest growing beverag...

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