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Are Your Cells on a Star Athlete Diet?

Everyone needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. As an extreme example, professional athletes require a scientifically constructed diet to achieve peak performance, along with a scientifically designed...

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Nine Ways to Advance BioPharma in 2020

It’s an exciting time in biopharmaceuticals. We are seeing success in immunotherapy-based approaches, new biopharmaceuticals have come to market, increasing approvals for the biosimilars, and an exhil...

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Purchasing the Right LCMS: Lessons Taken from Wedding Planning

Recently it seems the only question my fiancé and I receive is “How is wedding planning going?” Our sometimes not very enthusiastic answer then yields the question, “Have you considered a wedding plan...

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Synthetic Urine, A Clean Catch?

With the opioid crisis raging and recreational marijuana use becoming legal in nine US states and the District of Colombia, the concerns about clean drug tests are on the rise. While urine remains the...

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Meeting the Biotin Challenge with Mass Spectrometry

Nowadays, people are using a lot of nutritional and dietary supplements. Influence from social media, high drug prices, and the burden of hectic lifestyles are compelling consumers to try supplements ...

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Six Glycan Analysis Strategies for Biotherapeutics

Glycosylation is one of the most common protein post-translational modifications and can affect the protein’s functionality, stability and immunogenicity. It is for these reasons that for biopharmaceu...

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The Backstretch of Equine Drug Testing

The impact of drugs in the environment is an emerging problem, but not just for forensic or public health agencies. This issue has also entered the paddocks of horse racing. Failed equine drug tests h...

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PEDs and the Olympics: The Allure of SARMs

Since the inception of the modern Olympics more than 100 years ago, athletes have engaged in various activities in order to gain a competitive edge—from alcohol to amphetamines to anabolic steroids. B...

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ASMS 2017 – Day 4 – The Performance Gap Just Got Wider

This year, we’re excited to announce at ASMS 2017 the GC Orbitrap technology that is raising the bar even further in the world of HRAM GC-MS with new technology and tools for the Q Exactive GC and Exa...

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Gear Up for Tomorrow’s Quantitation

Quantitation is changing as new discoveries are made. Are you prepared to tackle the future challenges in Quantitation? Traditional quantitation was fueled by the knowledge of what compounds and/or co...

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Itching to Learn About Allergens?

Food allergen testing has progressed. Melanie Downs, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of the Food Allergy Research & Resource Program within the Department of Food Science & Technology, University of Nebrask...

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Food Fraudsters- Catch Us if You Can!

This is the challenge for analytical chemists: to detect food fraud and stop fraudsters cheating consumers and ignoring food safety considerations by substituting a high-value product with a lower-val...

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Synthetic Drugs: The Case for a More Effective War on Drugs

Traditional law enforcement forensic testing can’t identify and ban new synthetic compounds fast enough. Traditional techniques, such as immunoassay, require lengthy development time for new test kits...

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