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How Liquid Chromatography Benefits the Planet

PSA: Climate change is real!Melting glaciers and the extinction of polar bears. Dead coral reefs and acidification of the ocean. Increased droughts and raging wildfires. A warming ocean and stronger h...

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Why Your Lab Should Upgrade Its HPLC or UHPLC System

Making the switch isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the investment. I vividly remember the day in graduate school when my advisor asked me if I’d be “okay” giving up the HPLC instrument I used for two...

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The Journey to Process Optimization

Whenever I hop in my car and start out to a new destination, one of the first things I’ll do is turn toward software to help me find my way. Luckily, I, like most of us, carry a high-powered computer ...

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Nine Ways to Advance BioPharma in 2020

It’s an exciting time in biopharmaceuticals. We are seeing success in immunotherapy-based approaches, new biopharmaceuticals have come to market, increasing approvals for the biosimilars, and an exhil...

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Prep LC 101: Scaling up with Preparative HPLC

Ever heard the term “prep LC” and have not been entirely sure what it meant? You’re not alone! We’re here to help you understand what preparative liquid chromatography is and why it’s important.Let’s ...

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Method Transfer Is Not Easy

My wife and I thought we had parenting sorted. But the methods that worked on our first child did not transfer particularly smoothly to our second. With different personalities, different environments...

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What Is Dual LC and How Does It Benefit Me?

I think we can all generally agree that usually two is better than one: a bicycle is more efficient than a unicycle, two hands or minds are often better than one at completing tasks, etc. Does this tr...

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Five Reasons to Use Charged Aerosol Detection (CAD)

I decided to write this article about charged aerosol detection as it appears to be a topic that many people are interested in and have lots of questions to ask – whenever we do a webinar that involve...

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