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Warning! Fucose Matters

I would like to talk about fucose.‘Fucose…is that the red triangle1?’ is a question commonly asked by colleagues who are either advocates of the Oxford notation2 system, or less informed about the joy...

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Six Glycan Analysis Strategies for Biotherapeutics

Glycosylation is one of the most common protein post-translational modifications and can affect the protein’s functionality, stability and immunogenicity. It is for these reasons that for biopharmaceu...

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Trends in Biopharmaceutical Characterisation

I’m writing this article following a day at NIBRT (National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training) in Dublin, Ireland attending the Thermo Fisher Scientific Biopharma Summit. NIBRT and The...

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Better safe than sorry!

Being the youngest and only girl in the family has meant that I’ve provided my dad with that little extra level of worry. My dad is a cautious soul; especially when it comes to his children and their ...

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Danger! Unexploded Antibody!

I’ve always been fascinated by the field of immunology and the immune system, probably explaining why I took a doctorate in immunology. Two areas that particularly interest me are how the immune syste...

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Guiding the Sweet Revolution in Glycomics

There’s been a lot of interest recently in the study of glycans and glycoforms, such as proteins and peptides that have glycans attached to them. The analysis of glycans (also known as carbohydrates, ...

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Why I Turned from Phosphorylation to Glycan Analysis

Most of my early research career focused on the post-translational modifications (PTMs) of proteins and in those days there was only one worthy PTM in my eyes and that was phosphorylation while glycos...

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