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SMART Technology for Smart Laboratories

Technological innovation is steadily entering modern testing laboratories to execute the day-to-day tasks more efficiently. I discussed in a previous blog post how a lab can benefit from raising the l...

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When Smoky Wines Don’t Taste Good!

Many people like a certain flavor of smokiness in food and alcoholic beverages, and certain types of wines aged in toasted oak barrels are appreciated for their smoky notes. However, the sensation is ...

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Discover Deeper Insights Into Your Sample

In my last blog post, “Looking for Certainty,” I took a closer look at the importance of data certainty and how it’s critical to all applications, but especially in contaminant testing. The importance...

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Biohacking: Engineering a Cleaner Future

With today’s increasing demand for resources and a clear trend toward fossil-fuel free, sustainable energy, the world is looking for alternatives. An emerging modern technique that could change the wa...

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Fipronil: Better on Your Dog than in Your Breakfast

Fipronil may be effective at controlling fleas on your dog, but it is a toxic insecticide which you definitely do not need in your scrambled eggs.Fipronil sends an insect’s central nervous system fata...

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