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Festive Deals for Your Chromatography Consumables

Did someone say Christmas? Aside from presents, delicious food and fairy lights, why not treat your lab with all your chromatography essentials for a great price ahead of the new year? Our big end-of-...

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Helping Laboratories Work Toward Sustainability

There is an ever-increasing awareness of the environmental impact of our everyday activities, motivating many industries to assess the environmental impact of their current practices and build strateg...

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How to Detect Adulterated Milk Fat

Food products with high market value — like milk, honey, oil and meat — are more susceptible to adulteration. This is a long-term problem affecting the food industry, and difficult to control — especi...

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A Typical Day in a GC Lab and What Can Go Wrong

This blog post will explore a typical day in a gas chromatography (GC) lab and all that could go wrong. We know that these days, when your coworkers go on vacation, suddenly somebody else must take ov...

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The Rapid Growth of Lithium Batteries

The first of many ambitious goals from the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow is to secure global net zero emissions by midcentury. It translates to a strong acceleration toward th...

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The TriPlus 500 HS Family Grows

It was Pittcon 2019 when the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus 500 Headspace Autosampler was introduced to the market of volatiles organic compounds (VOC) sampling for GC and GC-MS. Thermo Scientific TriPlus...

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A Closer Look into Microplastics

Courtesy of IS-X.Why is plastic — having a lifespan of several hundred years or more — widely used for disposable tools and containers? This is a paradoxical question that is hard to answer, but it pr...

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When Smoky Wines Don’t Taste Good!

Many people like a certain flavor of smokiness in food and alcoholic beverages, and certain types of wines aged in toasted oak barrels are appreciated for their smoky notes. However, the sensation is ...

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How GC-FID Can Support the COVID-19 Emergency

What we learned very well during the COVID-19 pandemic is how important it is to wash our hands frequently and keep everything around us cleaned and sanitized. Nevertheless, this only reminded us and ...

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