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Nutritious Knowledge

I have recently been exploring the world of home buying and have come to the realization that there is much more to it than I expected. I thought my friends were getting way too stressed out about fin...

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Do we have to live with glyphosate?

My health kick-started, as for many I’m sure, at the beginning of the New Year when I decided that I would ditch the refined sugar and saturated fat diet I’d become so accustomed to over the past few ...

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Pesticides on your plate!

Experts recommend fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy lifestyles. Monitoring programs detect a high number of different chemical residues in foods. Individually the pesticides are claimed to be sa...

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The Dangers Lurking in Your Food Packaging

One of the most eye-catching items in a supermarket for many consumers could simply be a brightly colored package that contains the food we buy. We often take for granted that neatly packaged food ite...

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What are you feeding your baby?

Contaminants in baby foods are not a new phenomenon. Ten years ago we had a melamine crisis where several Chinese companies sold milk and infant formula products adulterated with melamine and cyan-uri...

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The Origins of Our Beloved Coffee

In 1773, the colonists revolted against a heavy tax on tea imposed by King George III in form of the Boston Tea Party. This event would forever change the American drinking preference to coffee."Coffe...

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Itching to Learn About Allergens?

Food allergen testing has progressed. Melanie Downs, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of the Food Allergy Research & Resource Program within the Department of Food Science & Technology, University of Nebrask...

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How Pure Is Your Juice?

During my teenage years when we would have 2.5 months off from school, I used to look forward to my travel adventures during the summer break. Many times my family and I would go back to India to meet...

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Got Real Olive Oil?

The other day I went to my local grocery store and picked up a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. As I added it to my delicious Mediterranean salad and took my first bite I quickly realized that someth...

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A Toast to Ion Chromatography!

As we reflect on the year gone by and celebrate the achievements of friends and family, I would like to make a toast to my old friend, Ion Chromatography. Why, you may wonder? My colleague Art Fitchet...

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Milk Is More Than Just a Beverage

Milk is an incredibly versatile beverage if you think about it. Enjoy it chilled, flavored or as hot drink containing cocoa or chocolate. Milk is not only a delicious drink, but it is a nutritious and...

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Oktoberfest - A Healthy Time for Beer Drinkers

Oktoberfest is largely known for the vast quantities of beer consumed over a 16-17 day period during the folk festival in Munich. Only beer brewed within the city limits of Munich can be served at the...

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Lemon Juice Should Only Be Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is deceptively simple in composition, comprising water, sugars, organic acids (principally citric acid) and small amounts of amino acids, vitamins and phenolic compounds. As with most frui...

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Is This Innovative Drink Also a Functional Food?

The global beverage market is reportedly set to reach a staggering $1.3 trillion by 2017 and although there are long-established products dominating the market, there is still room for innovation. If ...

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Is My Mineral Water Tainted from the PET Bottle?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles have become an intrinsic part of everyday life whether from drinking bottled water and carbonated beverages to collecting empty PET bottles for recycling.Aroun...

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‘Ello Vera

It’s 8.45pm. I’m sitting watching England labour against a Slovakia team in the Euro 2016 championship. The half time whistle blows as I watch 22 athletes walk off the pitch, jealous of their incredib...

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How Can I Be Sure My Beer Is Authentic?

My BeerGlobal beer production in 2014 was a staggering 1.93 billion hectoliters, with a growing interest in specialty craft beers and international trade increasing in high value bottled beers. As con...

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