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Going Underground for World Water Day 2022

The 2022 theme of World Water Day (March 22) is Groundwater - making the invisible, visible. Why is this important? It is estimated there is over a thousand times more water in the ground than on the ...

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Volatile Organic Compounds Are All Around Us

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and semi-volatile organic compounds (sVOCs) are all around us, emitted by industrial chimneys and vehicle exhaust pipes, as well as materials such as paints, cleaning...

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Curiosity is Driving Technology and Vice Versa

Curiosity is the primary driver of science. But developing natural curiosity into scientific thinking and motivation to uncover the endless wonders of nature is a difficult task. The Information Techn...

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The TriPlus 500 HS Family Grows

It was Pittcon 2019 when the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus 500 Headspace Autosampler was introduced to the market of volatiles organic compounds (VOC) sampling for GC and GC-MS. Thermo Scientific TriPlus...

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A Closer Look into Microplastics

Courtesy of IS-X.Why is plastic — having a lifespan of several hundred years or more — widely used for disposable tools and containers? This is a paradoxical question that is hard to answer, but it pr...

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And Then There Was Light …

This week, I had to carry out a task I rarely need to do these days. One of the lamps in the ceiling light blew when I was preparing the coffee maker for its daily service. While searching unsuccessfu...

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How Liquid Chromatography Benefits the Planet

PSA: Climate change is real!Melting glaciers and the extinction of polar bears. Dead coral reefs and acidification of the ocean. Increased droughts and raging wildfires. A warming ocean and stronger h...

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There something in the water…

The average person consumes approximately 58 gallons of water every year. It is essential that we have regulations in place to ensure that our water is safe to drink. Volatile organic compounds, or VO...

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Sequence or Sample? The (Petro)chemical Paradigm!

Whenever you think about a chromatographic analysis it’s easy to think about the sample, including the corresponding injections, like blanks, calibration standards and check standards, combined in one...

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