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Introduction to Automated Wet Chemical Analysis

Wet chemistry, also called wet chemical analysis, is a form of analytical chemistry that uses classical methods, such as Colorimetry, Gravimetry and Titration to analyze elements and compounds in liqu...

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What Is in Your Wine Glass?

The 2017 harvest of wine grapes in Europe and California was full of variability. A very low yield compared to 2016 was expected in Europe ranging from 16% less in Spain to 21% less in France and Ital...

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Did You Have an Early Harvest?

The 2015 growing season for wine grapes was particularly challenging in California. Enduring the grip of a vicious four-year drought (link to CNBC article), water allotments were a fraction of normal ...

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What’s in Your Barley?

With Oktoberfest coming up soon, people around the world will be enjoying pints of cold, crisp beer. Have you ever wondered what’s behind that hoppy taste?Brewing beer requires good quality raw ingred...

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