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Tips to Prolong the Lifetime of Your HPLC Column

Are your columns not lasting as long as you want? Are you struggling to identify what kills your column or how you can increase its lifetime? A new white paper describes what actions you can take to p...

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Top 5 Reasons for Using µPAC HPLC Columns

At Thermo Fisher Scientific™, we have been at the forefront of proteomic research since the start. With our product and workflow innovations, we have provided researchers with unprecedented possibilit...

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What Makes an HPLC Column?

September 2021 saw the launch of a new low-flow UHPLC solution, the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Neo UHPLC system and Thermo Scientific™ PepMap™ Neo UHPLC columns. When we talk about HPLC columns, ter...

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Cracking the Code to Build a Robust Charge Variant Method

Do you recall the first thing you learned how to cook? For me, it was scrambled eggs. I clearly remember the steps I was taught: crack eggs into a bowl and mix, then butter the pan, finish by adding s...

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What Have Acclaim LC Columns Done for You?

“A new product line?” That was the surprise statement heard around the world when Dionex introduced the first Acclaim HPLC columns 20 years ago, on 10 July, 2001 (later to become the Thermo Scientific...

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Start Making Pore Decisions

During my time of pandemic shelter-in-place, like many others I turned to online streaming for distraction. In my search for programs, I found intense fascination with baking competitions. Captivated ...

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How to Not Excel with Column Logs

I have previously written about the need to reduce the proliferation of Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets in the laboratory and how our Chromatography Data System (CDS) admin team can utilize Thermo Scie...

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Perchlorate Analysis via IC: A Story of Column Evolution

Perchlorate is an interesting anion. It does not absorb in the ultraviolet so it cannot be detected with a UV detector. This makes it difficult to detect using HPLC instrumentation. Furthermore, perch...

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Scaling up Recipes Isn’t Just for Bakers

As a baker, I’m constantly scaling up good recipes, and as a scientist you might need to do the same. Prep LC is all about scaling up – and let me tell you from experience that scaling up is often nee...

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I’m In Charge

Despite my busy schedule as a full-time working parent and tennis team captain, I greatly enjoy when I am in charge of preparing delicious meals in my kitchen, which I tend to run almost like a mini l...

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The More, the Merrier

I don’t know about you, but I can never have too many shoes. At least I do not have a strict rule as to how many pairs I should own. Many times I have set off on a mission to find the perfect shoe jus...

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Can you crack a lock?

A combination lock annoyingly doesn’t open until the correct sequence of numbers is used. You know when you are inputting the code and it won’t open, that the numbers are in the wrong position. So, yo...

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Lessons as a New Homeowner

As a new homeowner I’m quickly becoming accustomed to the laundry list of To Dos around the house. While drywall and electrical work are new territory for me, there are so many parallels between home ...

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Pittcon 2017 – Day 3 – Columns, Kits & Chromeleonaires!

The Pittcon excitement continues! It’s day 3 here at the McCormick convention center in Chicago and the excitement in booth #3021 is at an all-time high. Today Thermo Fisher Scientific featured the re...

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Stalking Your IC Consumables from Installation to Retirement

The other day I received a paper credit card statement from my bank. I threw it in my recycling bin while wondering why the bank was still sending me paper statements. Online banking has made tracking...

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There’s a Ghost in the GC-MS Machine!

Talking about ghosts, zombies, and witchcraft is enormously popular these days, and we are chiming in on the hype today by talking about ghost peaks in GC and GC-MS.We thought we could get away with i...

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Where Does the Magic Come From in Liquid Chromatography?

This is a question that I have always asked myself, basically where does all the separation and magic happen in liquid chromatography? Does it come from the column and the chemistries within, is it mo...

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If You Like Apps, You Will Love AppsLab!

In my previous role as an analytical chemist, I really did enjoy chromatography method development and that great feeling you get when conquering that key separation. I will admit that starting the pr...

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