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Achieving Accreditation in Clinical Labs

Clinical laboratories are required to comply with stringent regulations, which were introduced to ensure clinicians can obtain quality results on which to base diagnosis and treatment decisions. Howev...


Testing One, Two, THC: Hair Drug Analysis Using GC-MS

A report published last year by Quest Diagnostics provided an analysis of more than 10 million workplace drug test results that showed an increase in the percentage of American workers who tested posi...


How to Stay Young

I was inspired to write the article following a couple of programmes with the same title recently on the BBC. I was alerted to watching them as the first programme contained my PhD supervisor Professo...


Admiring the Architecture of the Building Blocks of Life

After almost a decade of studying and analysing proteins I’ve often found myself trying to explain to people “Why proteins?” What’s all the fuss about?I recently came across this video produced for th...


The Power of Clinical Diagnostics and Who’s Behind It

Medical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Laboratory tests help determine the presence, extent, or absence of disease and monitor the effec...


Guiding the Sweet Revolution in Glycomics

There’s been a lot of interest recently in the study of glycans and glycoforms, such as proteins and peptides that have glycans attached to them. The analysis of glycans (also known as carbohydrates, ...