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Cloud Security Part 2: Cloud Customers’ Responsibility

In my previous blog post, we looked at cloud service providers’ (CSP) responsibilities regarding cloud security. Major CSPs use a shared responsibilities model to define who does what with regard to s...


The Rapid Growth of Lithium Batteries

The first of many ambitious goals from the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow is to secure global net zero emissions by midcentury. It translates to a strong acceleration toward th...


Systems and Methods to Streamline Your Wine Analysis

Wine is enjoyed by millions around the world, with a consumer following that appreciates its great variety, color, bouquet and flavor. Connoisseurs differentiate wines according to grape variety, geog...


Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of Ion Chromatography

Last year we celebrated the 45th anniversary of Dionex™, the brand for Thermo Fisher Scientific™ ion chromatography systems and consumables. Dionex is synonymous with — and no doubt one of the most re...


IC-MS: The Perfect Marriage of Two Halves

What is a successful marriage? Is it a partnership of a similar kind or the opposite that attracts? Maybe it’s to bring out the best in each other? My parents were married for 65 years. Watching them ...


A Look at the 2021 Scientific Nobel Prize Laureates

Growing up, my Mom used to say I would win a Nobel Prize one day. I did not fully grasp the worldly accomplishment nor the impact of such a prize until I started working toward my doctorate in bioinor...


Volatile Organic Compounds Are All Around Us

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and semi-volatile organic compounds (sVOCs) are all around us, emitted by industrial chimneys and vehicle exhaust pipes, as well as materials such as paints, cleaning...


What Makes an HPLC Column?

September 2021 saw the launch of a new low-flow UHPLC solution, the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Neo UHPLC system and Thermo Scientific™ PepMap™ Neo UHPLC columns. When we talk about HPLC columns, ter...


Curiosity is Driving Technology and Vice Versa

Curiosity is the primary driver of science. But developing natural curiosity into scientific thinking and motivation to uncover the endless wonders of nature is a difficult task. The Information Techn...


The Way Toward Sustainable Mass Spectrometry

In recent years, researchers, governments and international organizations have sounded alarms that if rapid and global progress isn’t made on myriad sustainability fronts, the current generation and g...


Proteomic Sample Multiplexing Comes of Age

For a young person, turning 18 is a big milestone. In most countries, this is the age when you are legally recognized as an adult, able to vote in elections and are eligible for military service. For ...


Don’t Get Lost in Your HPLC Method Development

HPLC method development is a bit like trying to solve a maze. The goal – the cheese, if you will – is to develop a method that provides adequate resolution, sensitivity, robustness and throughput. Sou...