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Multitasking Food Analysis Using Ion Chromatography

As a young child, I was often scolded for multitasking too many things. Is multitasking a good thing? I’ll let you decide. Just remember that there are many tasks and only one of you! Can you realisti...

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How Much Microplastic Do You Eat in a Day?

Did you know that, if you wash five pairs of new jeans for the first time, enough microplastic (MP) leaches out to make a plastic bag? There are a lot of different sources for the intake of MP into th...

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Let’s Have the Talk, the Procurement Talk

eProcurement, B2B, punchout, hosted catalogs. … You may have heard these terms thrown around but, for some reason, they do not sound appealing and certainly do not get much traction. Besides, what do ...

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Quality Risk Management: Know the Risks

This is the first in a series of four blog posts on quality risk management and how you can stay on top of expected regulatory updates in 2023. The start of a new year always brings a sense of proacti...

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Overcoming 'Photobombing' from Background Ions

Everything is perfect. You’re on the beach, sunlight is ideal, just a calm breeze to gently move the hair and you snap the photo using your mobile phone. You immediately look at the picture in gleeful...

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Gene Therapy: A Biopharmaceutical Basics Overview

This is the third blog post in the Biopharmaceutical Basics series. Sometimes the whole or part of a gene is defective or missing from birth. This is typically referred to as a genetically inherited m...

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How to Restart Your HPLC Instruments Wisely

After a long period of recovery — such as the holidays or a vacation — you will probably find it difficult to get back into a work rhythm. Your HPLC instrument feels the same way after a complete shut...

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