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Tips to Prolong the Lifetime of Your HPLC Column

Are your columns not lasting as long as you want? Are you struggling to identify what kills your column or how you can increase its lifetime? A new white paper describes what actions you can take to p...

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How to Detect Adulterated Milk Fat

Food products with high market value, like milk, honey, oil and meat, are more susceptible to adulteration. This is a long-term problem affecting the food industry, and difficult to control — especial...

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Top 5 Reasons for Using µPAC HPLC Columns

At Thermo Fisher Scientific™, we have been at the forefront of proteomic research since the start. With our product and workflow innovations, we have provided researchers with unprecedented possibilit...

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Pharma Essentials: Industry Experts to Address Hot Topics

Discussing industry-wide challenges among industry peers is the best way to share information and take key learnings from the experiences of others. We all live and work in the same set of evolving re...

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Makes Earth Day More Sustainable

Happy Earth Day! Proposed by peace activist John McConnel at a UNESCO conference in 1960 and founded on April 22, 1970, by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day demonstrates support for environmental...

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The Enviromenta-LIST: The Current State of PFAS in Europe

This listicle lays out the current state of the PFAS crisis in Europe and the measures being taken to address the issue of these forever compounds in our environment. Per- and polyfluorinated substanc...

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Going Underground for World Water Day 2022

The 2022 theme of World Water Day (March 22) is Groundwater - making the invisible, visible. Why is this important? It is estimated there is over a thousand times more water in the ground than on the ...

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GC and GC-MS Evolution Enables Greater Uptime and Efficiency

Analytical testing laboratories across a variety of sectors, including food, environmental, industrial and pharma, can now meet their ever-increasing efficiency and productivity needs with a collectio...

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