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Your Data at Your Fingertips – How Mobile Technology Is Changing the Laboratory

Team TFS
Team TFS
shutterstock_347789978Every day we rely on mobile technology to access information and to simplify our lives. From depositing a check to buying a new book, we all expect to be able to do these activities whenever and wherever we want.  Why then are scientists often chained to the laboratory to do their work? The good news is that they aren’t anymore. Many organizations are taking advantage of mobile technology to improve scientists’ daily tasks and improve the efficiency of their operations. Thermo Fisher Scientific is making sure its customers are equipped with the tools they need to stay ahead of technology. Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS has apps available for Apple, Android and Windows tablet devices so that scientists using SampleManager can create and interact with their data and results anytime, anywhere.

The reality is that while many scientists receive and analyze their samples in the laboratory, many do not. Environmental monitoring samples, for example, need to be moved from location to location throughout the production environment. Today, many scientists rely on SampleManager to manage their laboratories including their instrumentation, equipment, standards, reagents, and, of course, samples and analysis. Using the app, scientists can create these samples remotely and then document when they move from one location to another -- like the plant floor to the lab.

Even during routine analysis, a sample’s workflow might cross multiple laboratories as it is prepared and analyzed on different equipment. To complete an analysis, standards need to be prepared and equipment might need to be recalibrated. The SampleManager mobile app goes beyond simple data entry. It is a complete laboratory execution system that can drive a scientist or technician through complex methods and processes. The app provides detailed step-by-step instructions including pictures and tutorial videos to make sure that samples are handled safely and to ensure that the analysis is performed correctly. Each step can be documented as it occurs, ensuring an accurate record of everything that happened during the process.

For quality organizations, laboratory data feeds into their quality process helping them release their products and predict how their results are trending in the longer term. That’s why it is so important for scientists to be able to perform routine tasks outside of the lab. So how do you get started? Scientists can download the SampleManager mobile app from their app store for Apple, Android and Windows devices.