Why You’ll Love the Thermo Scientific Vanquish LC System

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Why You’ll Love the Thermo Scientific Vanquish LC System

Team TFS
Team TFS

vanquishloveFinding your one true love and the perfect chromatography instrument have a lot in common. As you search for a soulmate, qualities such as trustworthiness and dependability are sure to fill your list. Likewise, these same traits you also want in a chromatography system—you can’t keep projects and budgets on track with LC systems that breakdown every other day and cost an arm and leg to repair.

Other important features you want in an LC system include precision, accuracy, quality data collection, user-friendliness, and smart tools to prevent downtime and improve output. Achieving a scientific breakthrough is challenging enough—even more so when your LC instrument is unreliable and prone to breaking. And you certainly can't afford to waste time repeating analysis or questioning your data due to poor retention time reproducibility or low resolution.

Now you can make the most of your science and time and solve separations with confidence using Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ HPLC and UHPLC Systems. These revolutionary instruments are robust, reliable, and packed with smart tools to streamline data collection and analysis, prevent run failures and human errors, and boost lab productivity. In addition to the unmatched peak area and retention time precision, here are some reasons why using Vanquish HPLC and UHPLC instruments will tug at your heartstrings.

    1. Reduced lab operating costs

A never-ending task for every business is to reduce operating costs without comprising productivity. On average, the labor costs to run an HPLC with a standard full-time employee is $380 per day, which excludes service repairs. You can rely on the intelligent design features of your Vanquish, like tool-free Thermo Scientific™ Viper™ fittings to simplify column switching and an operating pressure up to 1500 bar to speed your analysis time without comprising data quality. The full gamut of features can save your lab over $5,000 annually in operating costs. That’s a nice chunk of change to allocate for new research projects.

    1. Simplified data collection & analysis

Looking back 30 plus years, before the advancement of chromatography data software, analyzing and solving chromatographic data required the skills of an expert chromatographer. But the past is the past. Thanks to innovation built into the Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ CDS software that powers all Vanquish systems it simplifies the data collection and analysis process so even novice chromatographers can execute runs and analyze data with minimal training. If you are unable to switch CDS software and still reap the instrument benefits, the Vanquish LC platform is usable with other vendors’ software with our Standard Instrument Integration (SII).

    1. Automatic solvent monitoring

Of all the problems that can go wrong in an HPLC run, one of the most annoying is when your solvent bottles run dry during a run. This easily preventable mishap may damage the column and pumps, ruins your analysis, and quite frankly is embarrassing. The time and money wasted in re-running your experiment won’t make your boss happy, either. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this issue with a Vanquish LC system. The Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Solvent Monitor guarantees you’ll have enough eluent to complete your run, saving your instrument, time, and research. Hallelujah!

    1. Glove-enabled & solvent resistant touch screen

Taking your gloves off and on because the screen on your instrument doesn’t sense your fingers in gloves is irritating. You’re either left dealing with the troubles of putting back on your sweaty gloves, or you don’t have time for the hassle and opt for a new pair of gloves, which is wasteful. Thankfully, you can keep your gloves on while running your HPLC analysis because the optional Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ User Interface screen, which lets you view system health, performance, and equilibration status at a glance, is glove-friendly and solvent resistant. Now you can conquer the next task without the vexing glove battle.

    1. SmartInject technology

Pressure is the driving force behind liquid chromatography. Any imbalance in the system during sample injection can shock the column, disrupt the flow, and reduce the quality of separation. To resolve this issue, the SmartInject technology of the Vanquish system injects the sample at the operating pressure of the system instead of ambient pressure. This unique feature gives maximum injection precision while preserving the health of the column by reducing pressure shocks. The benefit to your lab is more confident data collection backed by precise retention times.

    1. System health checks

Imagine what would happen if your car’s engine overheated while driving without your knowledge because your thermostat broke? You’d likely keep driving unaware of the issue and ruin your car. The same thing can happen if you continue to use your HPLC in a suboptimal condition. Natural wear and tear on the seals, pistons, pump, and valves, when caught and repaired early, prevent you from collecting unreliable data and costly damage to the instrument. The Vanquish Core HPLC systems allow users to set automated System Health Checks to prevent issues before they impact an analysis run. Quick diagnosis of the system reduces downtime and avoids costly sample re-runs. Select systems also feature built-in video guides to help you perform routine maintenance.

Vanquish LC Systems are Everything Your Heart Desires in Chromatography

Finding a reliable LC equipped to handle challenging separations is akin to finding your soulmate. Once you use a Vanquish HPLC or UHPLC system, we guarantee love after the first use. Gone are the days of spending unnecessary money on instrument parts and labor because you didn’t catch an issue early, worrying if your instrument is going to crash mid-run, or re-running failed experiments due to low-quality data.

The high-performance features built into all Vanquish systems save your lab time and money while improving output and data quality. Are you ready to fall in love with your chromatography instrument?