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Team TFS

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Change is the only constant we have in life. And while we are living proof of Darwinism, we certainly were not prepared for the suddenly abrupt lifestyle changes COVID-19 threw our way.


While there was a lot of negative disruption Rona brought to our lives, the pandemic also propelled us decades ahead into the digital era. I see these changes as a good thing because we found ways to save time and boost productivity by leveraging technology.


Like millions of companies across the globe, Thermo Fisher Scientific recognized the benefits of digitalization. To save you time and make analytical science more accessible, we simplified how you shop for liquid chromatography instruments and buy consumables.


One of the most impactful changes includes a new virtual 3D product tour of our liquid chromatography systems. With this tool, you can confidently select the best instrument for your separations by learning about highlighted features and benefits while getting an up-close look at the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Core HPLC and Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Horizon UHPLC system before you buy.  


Here is a quick breakdown of how to access the product tour and what information you will find.  


How to access the Vanquish HPLC & UHPLC product tours


You can access our Vanquish LC system product tours directly at or from the HPLC webpage by clicking on the Product Tour button. From there, you can choose which Vanquish HPLC or UHPLC system to tour. 


You should tour each system to get a feel for the unique technology features to help decide the best fit for your separation applications. 


If you have specific questions about your needs or want more detailed system information, you can always speak with one of our solutions specialists


Overview of product tour sections


Each Vanquish product tour has videos and other detailed descriptions of functional instrument features and capabilities such as:



Additional digital HPLC tools for you


Adapting to your digital needs by providing instant access to the best-in-class scientific tools and technology is exactly what you would expect from the world leader in serving science.


In addition to our virtual Vanquish product tours, we have an HPLC and UHPLC system configurator tool to help you when you decide to move forward with purchasing a new LC system.  


The configurator is your one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING liquid chromatography. You can build your HPLC, add all necessary accessories, and request a quote online in minutes – not days or weeks. 


Isn’t digital life fantastic?