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Team TFS

shutterstock_524695432Just To Be The Man Who Flies Ten Thousand Miles To Film For BioPharMoore

I hope you’ve been enjoying the great vlog series, BioPharMoore, from Dr. Rowan Moore. If you haven’t yet found it, take a moment out of your day to catch up. Last year, king of the road Rowan met with experts from NIBRT Ireland to talk about Extractables and Leachables in her vlog. NIBRT and Thermo Fisher Scientific have been collaborating on some research into Extractables and Leachables in single-use bio-production systems. We presented exciting data from this collaboration on our Extractables and Leachables Tour of India for the first time last fall.

The tour was in collaboration with Dr Andrew Feilden of Smithers Rapra to share regulatory insight and technology advances for the analysis of extractables and leachables.

Sadly, Rowan was unable to join the tour in India. “Take your iPhone to India” she said. “Film the Extractables and Leachables tour” she said. “Shame you have a face for radio” she proclaimed.

“I’m on my way” I said. And, dutifully persevered with the filming. We hit the highway and traveled 10,000 miles in six days* and met with over 600 scientists from the Indian Pharma and Biopharma community during our whistle-stop tour. We’ve condensed all of that into a few minutes that you can catch below:

To watch presentations from Andrew Feilden and myself from the Extractables and Leachables tour, plus access a huge amount of additional learning content on E&L, please visit


*Technically 9512 miles if you’re counting. Manchester to London, London to Mumbai, Mumbai to Vadodara, Vadodara to Ahmedabad, Ahmedabab to Hyderabad, Hyderabad to Mumbai, Mumbai to Doha, Doha to London, London to Manchester.

**A free Extractables and Leachables mug goes to the first person who correctly answers how many Proclaimers references I sneaked in above. Answers in the comments box below.