Top 7 Reasons Why Customers Say I #LoveMyVanquish (Real Stories)

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Top 7 Reasons Why Customers Say I #LoveMyVanquish (Real Stories)

Team TFS
Team TFS

Customers responded to the #LoveMyVanquish campaign to tell us how they benefit from using their Vanquish LC system in day-to-day work.Customers responded to the #LoveMyVanquish campaign to tell us how they benefit from using their Vanquish LC system in day-to-day work.

Thermo Fisher Scientific proudly carries a legacy of engineering next-generation liquid chromatography products — everything from HPLC & UHPLC systems to columns, detectors and software.


Part of this legacy includes launching our revolutionary Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Horizon UHPLC system in 2014, which has now transformed into an army of robust, high-performing systems. But the key to continuing a legacy is understanding how our customers’ needs change as science advances, then creating new solutions to help them overcome challenges.


Last year we launched our #LoveMyVanquish campaign to learn how customers benefit from using their Vanquish LC system in day-to-day work. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which echoed a common theme: Vanquish LC systems empower customers to become better scientists. Here are some of our favorite stories.


1. They spend less time worrying and more time enjoying (at work and home)


“I have used other HPLC systems in the past, but the features of the Vanquish system make it superior to all other systems. In my work, we are frequently tasked with performing separations of lipids that tend to elute very closely, however, the resolution on the Vanquish is far better at viewing these various lipids than other instruments. My Vanquish allows me to perform runs with minimum injection volumes of 2 microliters, therefore allowing me to use smaller amounts of precious final compound. I can even adjust the needle height to ensure the best sample is obtained for each of my runs. Furthermore, I love that the Vanquish takes a fraction of the time to heat the column when compared to other HPLC systems, and it will tell me how much mobile phase I will need for my runs, which means I can plan ahead. Other than a scientist, I am of course a human being who also enjoys biking, hiking and spending time with my family. When I go home at night or on the weekends, I am comforted by the idea that my Vanquish will stop a run if the pressure becomes too high or too low, thus ensuring that my samples are not used when the machine is not working properly. I guess what I am saying is, my Vanquish makes my job and life so much easier!” 

— Bonnie L.


2. Their research dreams are coming true


“I could talk about the reliability and the performance, but I think we can all do that. Most recently though, I have started to work on automation - going from crude samples to a full MS report. This dream has become a reality with the use of two Vanquish Duo's and the support of Thermo. We have been able to couple automated sample purification and digestion with two Vanquish LCs, connected to two (Orbitrap™) Exploris™ 480s without ever needing to touch the samples. It's been a truly exciting experience to work on this project, and it would not at all be possible without the help from Thermo and the Vanquish team.”

— Michael P.


3. They’re sleeping better and losing less hair


“I remember the day we finally got this unit after years of toiling with our old HPLC unit (which shall not be named, lol). My supervisor finally got the budget and I was ecstatic to run our first sample and see that I no longer had to deal with constant troubleshooting (i.e., broadening and splitting, you know the deal)! Thanks, Thermo Fisher, for making the lives of us scientists and researchers much easier. It would be awesome to recall the day I no longer had to tear my hair out dealing with previous machines.”

— Russell R.


4. The pandemic lockdown was no problem for their Vanquish LC system


“I love my Vanquish HPLC so much because its performance is so reliable. During the pandemic, we didn't get a chance to work on it, and it was turned off for over a year. But after we returned to the lab, we did quick routine maintenance and injected some QC samples. The retention times of the standards aligned SO WELL with previous QCs. I was absolutely in awe of the reproducibility. I would definitely recommend Vanquish to my colleagues.”

— Haorong L.


5. There is A LOT of love for Vanquish Duo UHPLC systems (it’s my favorite, too!)


“My Lab is full of Vanquish™ Duo™ systems! The ability to have 2 runs going at the same time for different projects is amazing! Efficient and time savings is priceless! AND, my projects that require two different detectors, I can plumb a system to analyze both simultaneously! The ability to customize and add-ons, these systems have a long, bright future ahead! Lab life is GREAT!”

— Mark I.


6. They’re fearless, ready to conquer the world


“I love how it empowers my lab to provide solutions to challenging problems. It's a station of amazing chemical analysis opening my lab to new opportunities.”

 — Peter S.


7. Integrating other Thermo Scientific products is the icing on the cake


“I really like my Horizon Vanquish binary pump, as it interfaces perfectly with my Orbitrap, has great retention time stability, and has really cool lights that tell me if it is running or idle.”

— Jon D.


My Vanquish UHPLC, named Cynthia, has been a fantastic addition to my lab space. Fast run times, robust methodology, and the ease of use for Chromeleon makes Cynthia a vital part of my lab team!

— Bjorn L.


“We love our Vanquish Duo + CAD. ️It also gives sensitivity, robustness and reliability. Research and technology together, streamlining processes, reducing costs with maximum quality. What is not to love?”

— Emília G.


“I use my Vanquish to analyze modified RNA. I love it with an Accucore column!!”

— Robert R.


To our loyal customers …


Thank you for trusting us with your science and sharing your stories — your continued success is our inspiration — so let’s continue to win together.


If you’re interested in learning more about our Vanquish HPLC & UHPLC systems, you can shop our portfolio online or take a virtual 3D product tour.


Have a story you want to share about your Vanquish LC system? Drop a comment below!