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Team TFS
Team TFS

With the publication of Hamish Small’s legendary paper in Analytical Chemistry in 1975, 2020 marks the 45th anniversary of the introduction of Ion Chromatography. Over these four decades, ion chromatography has not only become the most dominant method in ion analysis, but also developed into a significant chromatographic technique within the field of separation science. While in its earliest embodiments IC was focused primarily on the analysis of inorganic anions, today IC has an important role in the analysis of organic and inorganic anions and cations.

Recently, I was looking for a comprehensive, but succinct, resource that explains the basics of ion chromatography. To my surprise, I did not find any compact source or comprehensive text on this subject, apart from my three-volume Handbook of Ion Chromatography that was published as a 4th edition in 2016. Since this is, by far, too detailed, I decided it was necessary to create such a document myself.

Therefore, I have developed an eBook, Basics of Ion Chromatography, for analytical chemists who are looking for an up-to-date introduction to ion chromatography, providing an overview on the major topics related to this expanding and increasingly important field of science. Separation methods, stationary phases, and detection principles offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific as well as the most important application areas are covered. The eBook is not limited to methods for analyzing inorganic anions and cations only, you also find a compact description on modern carbohydrate and amino acid analyses as well as high-resolution separations of oligonucleotides and proteins. Although search functions allow the user to easily navigate the text, I added a detailed index for the printed copies.

I am very happy to introduce this eBook in 2020, in celebration of the 45th anniversary of ion chromatography. For 45 years, Dionex solutions have led the way in bringing reliable, reproducible analyses to dedicated analytical chemists, like our readers. We honor your pursuit of bold new ideas and we’re on your side to support your most ambitious goals now and into the future. Please join us in celebration by downloading your free copy of the eBook.