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Team TFS
Team TFS

051322 Extend HPLC column life.jpg


Are your columns not lasting as long as you want? Are you struggling to identify what kills your column or how you can increase its lifetime? A new white paper describes what actions you can take to prolong the lifetime of your HPLC column.


There are many preventative measures you can take to increase column lifetime, in addition to systems you can implement to improve your data when you do need to troubleshoot a problem with your column.


White paper 000774.jpgThe majority of challenges with column lifetime come from your samples. Dirty samples — either full of particulates or chemical contaminants — will deteriorate your column faster if not effectively removed. Your lab can extend column lifetime through proper sample preparation, column protection or by implementing effective cleaning procedures. For more information on how to implement these preventative measures, see the white paper: How to prolong the lifetime of your HPLC column.


It is also important to implement a system to investigate what causes the deterioration of a column, so that when a problem arises, it takes less time to get to the route cause. For tips on what systems to implement, see the aforementioned white paper.