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Thermo Fisher Scientific Adds Configured, Immersive Experience to

Team TFS
Team TFS

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Online customer behavior is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. Consumers expect digital tools that allow for a more immersive product introduction before making a purchase online everything from digitally trying on makeup, to customizing and finding a specific car.


Thermo Fisher Scientific has made strides to evolve alongside market expectations, ensuring our online presence for an expansive product portfolio includes the rich experiences our customers have come to expect from their everyday consumer touchpoints. These enhancements improve how customers educate themselves on our products so they can easily determine what technologies are best suited for their needs to ensure they can do what they do best their science.


The tour allows the user to explore the many features of the products and includes links to relevant documentation and videos.The tour allows the user to explore the many features of the products and includes links to relevant documentation and videos.Guided by innovation and anchored by our commitment to scientific expertise and support, our product, eBusiness and Immersive Technologies teams have partnered to build a highly immersive and engaging web experience to help customers find, learn and customize high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) solutions. These are complex analytical instruments found in laboratories around the world used for separating, identifying and quantifying components of a liquid sample. 


To help customers navigate and understand our extensive portfolio of HPLC products and their benefits, we have refreshed our content presentation and created filterable product selection guides to quickly narrow down which products are appropriate for their application. Once users know which products are the right fit, photorealistic interactive 3D product tours allow customers to explore what makes the system stand out from the competition by seeing highlighted features and capabilities, including a virtual demo of one of our HPLC’s unique capabilities an adjustable gradient delay volume.


Our digital expansion extends past customer education; it also facilitates the buying process with a new instrument configurator that allows customers to build their own HPLC instrument and add all the related products they would need to run the instrument in their own lab. After customizing their instrument online, customers are contacted by a representative who can provide the personal and expertise-led support needed to complete final steps in completing their purchase. The combination of these self-serve digital tools and interaction with our team of experts provides the best experience for customers by empowering and reassuring them through the final stages of their instrument purchase.


In addition, we've heard from our sales teams that the new online experience has helped them better share the technology and its benefits with customers in an environment where COVID-19 has encouraged more virtual interaction. The updated site also features recommendations and options for simplifying the purchase experience for HPLC consumables.


We’re thrilled by customer response to the new technology and are exploring other options for implementing this engaging, dynamic experience for customers on Check out the tool and updated storefronts here and let us know what you think.