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The Finite Lab

Team TFS
Team TFS
labWe all accept that modern research life requires us to balance creativity with maximizing the return on investment of our instrumentation. In fact, both these demands continue to grow, and at a certain point we start to get burned out. Recent research has highlighted the huge cognitive load that scarcity (of time, money, space, or otherwise) places on an individual to resolve the immediate issue at hand, thereby restricting the ability to find creative solutions to larger-picture problems.

So how can we fulfill the two requirements of scientific problem-solving and analytical throughput given these constraints? You can see our solution to these issues in this video:

Maximize the results you get from your time and space utilization with the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Duo UHPLC system for Dual LC:

  • Run two identical columns in parallel to double your throughput

  • Run two complementary columns in parallel to reduce sample preparation and increase sample information

  • Equilibrate one column while the other is running so that you can optimize the use of your mass spectrometers

For more information see: