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Team TFS
Team TFS
shutterstock_615353861Do you remember the good old days? When life was “simple”? When telephones were attached to the wall and you had to actually wind down your car windows and sat nav was a street map or three.  Remember when you had to get up off the couch to turn the TV over and what do you mean there were only 4 channels to watch?! Oh wasn’t it great back then?

“They don’t make them like they used to, do they?”

We all enjoy a bit of nostalgia but if we’re honest, modern technology has simplified life in many ways. You can go for coffee without leaving your car and order groceries from your smartphone and they magically appear at your door. Some may call it lazy, I prefer convenient and efficient. Life is busy and sometimes there is a very good reason we don’t make them like we used to…because it was hard work!

The United States Pharmacopeia, founded in 1820, set standards in the purity and quality of medicines, food ingredients and dietary supplements consumed around the world. In 2011 a modernization of methods was initiated as many of the current USP methods harked back to the days of wet chemical testing. Results of their survey showed that instrumental techniques were preferable and here we embark on the next generation of USP monographs.

Ion Chromatography is not new to the USP, but will now be featured more readily thanks to its suitability for a number of USP monographs being modernized:

  • <1065> Ion Chromatography

  • <191> Identification Tests - General

  • <345> Assay for Citric Acid/Citrate and Phosphate

  • <1225> Validation of Compendial Methods

  • <591> Zinc determination

A Thoroughly Modern IC

Just like anything else, our IC portfolio has developed and new innovations have been added since its humble beginnings more than 40 years ago.  A major game changer was the introduction of eluent generation. A simple device exploiting electrolysis, which meant ultra-pure eluents generated online without the need for weighing out salts, working out mM and worrying about whether someone had dipped their dirty spatula into your tub of bicarbonate. You just add water!  Eluent generation is the perfect accessory for Pharma labs. The ultra purity of the eluents ensures the reliable quality of results and the electrolytic process ensures that the concentration is always the same, regardless of the day, the lab, the site or the operator. The result is stable, repeatable chemistry which is simpler to transfer, with less sources of error. Another plus is that your pump only sees water, meaning less wear and tear. You can even run gradients with eluent generation even though the pump is isocratic, all programmable with Thermo ScientificTM ChromeleonTM 7.2  software, GxP compliant and in line with 21 CFR part 11 requirements. The latest release also contains additional features for enterprise management of all your chromatography equipment. In keeping with true modern day technology, we also have a whole host of applications for pharmaceutical counterions and impurities ready to download with our AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications discussed in this previous blog post.

So whether you are a Millennial, Generation X, Y or Z, we know you are busy, so if you haven’t already, then now is the time to join the eluent generation.


For more on IC applications for Pharma and Biopharma see the Ion Chromatography for Pharma and Biopharma brochure

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